Kerin Magill

Staff Reporter


Kerin majored in journalism at Ohio University and has worked as an editor and reporter for monthly, daily and weekly publications in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Delaware since 1983. A native of Baltimore, Md., she has lived in Ocean View since 1996.

Lori Smyth of Ocean View chats with Norman Justice during his drive-through birthday celebration, making sure to find out what kind of pie he …

Norman Justice waves at a passing well-wisher at the drive-through 99th birthday celebration for him on April 17.

Celebratory ‘99’ balloons bounce in the air.

Norman Justice’s niece, Norma Lynn Hudson, and her daughter Chelsea Angstadt wait their turn to wish him a happy 99th birthday.

Serviceberry trees, with their delicate white blossoms, can grow to 20 feet and provide food and shelter for birds. When the flowers, which at…

Wild indigo is a perennial wildflower that blooms throughout the summer. It grows up to 5 feet tall and attracts hummingbirds. The juice of it…

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