Viking Golf and Thunder Lagoon in Fenwick Island features mini-golf, go-karts, a water park and food and treats.

Mini-golf. Go-Karts. Water park. Food and treats. Oh, my!

There is something for everyone at the Viking Golf and Thunder Lagoon Water Park complex, located at 38960 Island Street, Fenwick Island. Where does one even begin to explain how much fun and how many days you would need to enjoy it all?

Let’s start out with the miniature-golf course, shall we?

The 19 holes are an awesome experience of Vikings, trolls, dragons and so much more. Challenging and fun, and certainly not too difficult for the younger crowd or beginners. You have the Krakken at the very end, which if you don’t place it just right, will swallow your ball.

Each of the holes is individually named, and par for the course is 39 strokes — 19 on the front and 20 on the back. The story takes place with Vikings battling the facility’s two-headed dragon in Mythological Scandinavia. Each hole features some really cool hazards, such as fossils and dragon eggs, among other things.

The course is loaded with adventure, surrounded with great decor and landscaping. Throughout the course there are cool little factoids about Viking history that lead you across the grounds.

Just how many trolls can you spot hidden in the nooks and crannies of the surroundings?

The prices for the mini-golf are $10 per person, which you can upgrade to unlimited for $2 more, or $5 for kids shorter than 42 inches, with a $1 unlimited golf upgrade. Kids 3 or younger play free with a paying adult. If you are lucky enough to defeat the Krakken, you are limited to one free game per player.


A Viking warrior is among the features of the Viking Golf course.

The Thunder Lane Go-Karts features an all-new slick track for this year. They provide single and double go-karts for individuals or tandem riders. You even get a chance to hear from Brumbles the Troll as he lets you know if you are tall enough to ride alone. The karts are creatively named, with names like Dragon Slayer, Turbo, Overdrive and The Black Widow.

The go-karts cost $7 per ride, and riders must be 56 inches tall in order to ride alone. Double karts are for adult drivers 16 or older, and accompanied by kids less than 56 inches tall. Unfortunately, the go-karts are not designed for those with special needs.

All of the excitement and heat from the mini-golf and go-karts might have you wanting to cool down, and there’s no better place than the Thunder Lagoon Waterpark. It is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. — weather permitting, of course. The prices for the waterpark are $23 for two hours or $28 for four hours. Kids shorter than 42 inches pay $11 for two hours or $14 for four hours. Seniors 60 or older pay $16 for two hours or $20 for four hours. All who enter the waterpark must pay.

The waterpark features a 400-foot themed lazy-river ride, as well as six different water slides, a 2,800-square-foot activity pool and an 800-square-foot kiddie pool. It truly has something for everyone.

Among the slides, be sure to check out the black hole body slide, a twister doubles slide that allows parents to ride with their child, and then there is also the one-of-a-kind tipping Viking ship. If you are a party-pooper and don’t want to get wet, make sure you aren’t too close when the ship tips, because it will dump 250 gallons of water. There is plenty of relaxing lounge space, and — even better — plenty of free parking.


Viking Golf brings Norse legend to (almost) life, with a two-headed dragon as a centerpiece of the mini-golf course.

The sweet treats and eats on the Boardwalk feature Hershey’s Island Creamery, The Hungry Viking, Dunkin’ Donuts, Tidepool toy store, Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cakes, fresh baked pizza, made-to-order burgers, hot dogs and hand-cut boardwalk fries, and awesome fruit smoothies.

Check out the complex’s website at for coupons and daily specials.

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