With the recent stretch of unseasonably warm winter weather, Delaware State Police this week reported that they have seen a sharp increase in the number of illegal and unsafe OHV (off-highway vehicles) and ATV (All-terrain vehicle) -related complaints. Moving into the spring season, they said, they can foresee this activity not only continuing but increasing.

While the majority of ATV operators are responsible and comply with state law, the DSP noted, there are those who not only create unsafe situations for the public and themselves, but affect the quality of life in local communities.

“If you are an owner/operator please make yourself familiar with the laws pertaining to the legal and safe operation of these vehicles. Specific laws pertaining to OHV’s can be found on the State of Delaware website at http://delcode.delaware.gov/title21/. Refer to Title 21-6801 and 21-4191A.”

Information can also be found on the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles website at http://dmv.de.gov/services/vehicle_services/reg/ve_reg_ohv.shtml.

The most basic and general facts are that OHV’s cannot be operated on any state roadway and that permission to operate them on private property must be authorized by the property owner, police emphasized.

“Keep in mind that even with permission to utilize private property, all operators must comply with parking and noise-related laws.”