Well, it has finally happened. I went to Boscov’s recently to do a little shopping and came home with a housecoat. Also, for the record, with a bag of other stuff.

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During this last year, everyone has been taking up new hobbies to beat the COVID blues. That has been a current topic on social media, and it was also the topic of our last sorority Zoom meeting: Share what you have been doing for the last year during COVID.

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Everybody is busy. Everyone I talk to is overwhelmed, overworked and overcommitted. I know that I feel that way most of the time. You can't even get any sympathy from anyone, because if you bring up how busy you are, they just go into a rant about how much busier they are than you.

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There is a special bond between fathers and daughters. No one can explain it, but we all know it exists. I have always felt it with my dad. I see it with my husband and our two daughters. I see it when my son holds his 3-week-old daughter and the way my two other granddaughters light up when…