In the 51+ years of home ownership in South Bethany, never have I experienced such discord and ineffectiveness in the running of our little one-mile-long town than we have witnessed in recent years. And now there is a huge matter of dissention in the choice of lighting along Route 1.

In these very uncertain and trying times of this pandemic, it is absolutely necessary to proceed with caution and realism before opting to carelessly spend nearly $100,000 when there is a completely serviceable and presentable alternative that will effectively do the job. Ultimately, it would seem conscionable to choose this route, as we do not have the tax base as large as our neighbors in Bethany.

Speaking with our neighbors and residents, we all conclude that we do not want our taxes raised in order to choose a $100,000 fiasco. It is a pure and simple case of economics. It is time for Town Council to set aside personal aspirations and perform the duties that they were elected to do.

Also, may we have transparency in the operation of our town and a just response to a town resident survey, as in the recent lighting survey where the residents voted no for the $100,000 option. It spoke for us all and accurately answered what the majority of taxpayers/homeowners want.

Operate the Town as what it is — the Town of South Bethany — not your personal country club and social hall.

Honey Busby

South Bethany