The following letter was sent to Ocean View Mayor John Reddington, and a copy was forwarded by the author to the Coastal Point for publication.

Dear Mayor Reddington:

I am writing to question why Tidewater Physical Therapy (TPT) and Bowman Personal Training located at 63 Atlantic Avenue in Ocean View, near the intersection of Atlantic and Central Avenues are treated differently than WSFS Bank right next door.

Tidewater and Bowman until last weekend had a rear entrance to their parking lot granted by a temporary variance issued during the major construction on 26 several years ago. This exited onto Evans Avenue which runs parallel to Rt. 26 one block north. I presume it was granted because entrance/exit from their parking lot was both unsafe and inconvenient for users during the major construction project.

Now the Town of Ocean View has apparently rescinded that variance while allowing WSFS Bank to keep its rear entrance. Since this variance was granted, and the construction was completed, traffic on Route 26 has increased exponentially, both during the tourist season and the off-season. I like many others, use TPT’s services as I participate in their fitness program and I, with increasing frequency, require physical therapy for a range of problems as I age. Entry and exit from their parking lot directly onto 26 remains difficult and dangerous. It is extremely difficult to make a left turn from the lot onto Route 26. Many often used the rear lot and exit onto Evans Avenue, turn left and go up to Woodland Avenue to make the turn onto 26. Now we can no longer do so.

WSFS Bank, next door, has a rear parking lot entrance Tidewater Physical Therapy and Bowman treated differently? Why?

I urge the Mayor and Council of Ocean view revisit this decision with a view toward righting what I perceive to be a wrong. I can appreciate the difficulty that the town faces as I serve on the Town Council of South Bethany. I know that all of us serve to ensure the safety, well-being and equity of our citizens and visitors.


Dick Oliver

Ocean View