My husband and I read the article about Richard and Rebecca Mais, the owners of McCabe’s, with mixed feelings. After 35 years in a business that requires a lot of hard work and challenges to find good seasonal workers, they’ve earned a quieter life. And 2020 hasn’t made running a restaurant any easier!

But as patrons for those three plus decades, we will really miss them. As both full- and part-time residents over those years, a chicken salad sandwich on a baguette from McCabe’s always made our bike ride or lunch on the porch perfect. In our travels from the beach, people on our flights watched us unwrap our McCabe’s sandwich with envy. And when we came back to the beach, McCabe’s was always one of our first stops.

We’ve had many chicken salad sandwiches in cities all over the country, but the standard to judge all of them was McCabe’s. And none of them ever came close. Thanks for never disappointing and best wishes.


Marti Lelko

Bethany Beach