Pharmacists are our trusted health providers. They work long hours, usually standing the entire day, dispensing pills, giving advice on medications and, now, the added task of administering the potentially life-saving COVID-19 vaccines.

When the COVID crisis began, we had even greater dependence on our pharmacists. They were fundamental and remained at the forefront of our public health crisis, protecting their patients and the community. Our pharmacists are community health advocates who are essential and vaccine-confident. We can depend on them, and together we are collectively working to end COVID-19.

Recently, I observed how much extra time the pharmacy staff took at our local Walgreen’s in Bethany in administering the vaccines, explaining the COVID immunization procedure and other medical concerns. This shows their willingness, patience and kindness, despite the long lines, to go over and above.

Sometimes all it takes is one kind word to nourish another person, So, graciously thank your pharmacists, nurses, doctors and whoever it is administering the vaccine. They care about us, and we say thank you. Mister Rogers would be proud of us! 

Linda Flynn

South Bethany