I am very happy to see the recent surge in letters directed towards the topic of litter. This is a subject that affects all of us and is something that is long overdue for public outcry.

While I agree that more helping hands is better, I do not believe we can fix this by simply picking up after the fact. We need to push our leaders to take action that shows this behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. This includes everything from simply speaking out on the subject to enacting stiff penalties for violations and coordinating events directed toward cleanup. We have seen virtually none of these actions.

Penalties need to be severe enough to deter such behavior (as they do with drunk-driving penalties). A simple $25 fine will not suffice. Admittedly, catching violators in the act is difficult, but we have to start somewhere. Our success will come in small, incremental steps and we need to start taking those steps.

Lastly: There is a Sussex County website where citizens can request littler pick up for severely affected areas. That site is: https://sussexcountyde.gov/litter-report.

We all need to pitch in where we can, and we all need to make our voices heard to our elected officials. There is no excuse for letting this plague continue unabated.

David Moeller