This letter was sent to County Council on July 14, regarding the hearing scheduled for July 27 on the proposed hotel and restaurant in the last remaining undisturbed wetlands on Route 54:

Please say “No” to building on this environmentally sensitive parcel. Please say “No” to removing yet another of nature’s barriers that protect us from the ever-increasing storms, pollution of our bays and displacing of our wildlife.

We do not need another restaurant (Have you dined out lately?) or a hotel there. We do not need more traffic on Route 54. We do not need yet another developer raping our land for their monetary gain. When is enough enough?

Yes, development spells p-r-o-g-r-e-s-s to some degree, but not when it occurs at the expense of irreversibly harming our area in more ways than I can count. Only if it’s done properly is it a good thing. Only if there is the infrastructure to support it. When will you do the right thing by the people who elected you and not by the greedy developers and landowners? And, by the way, aren’t we landowners, too?

Boe Daley