As everyone already knows Bethany Beach has a parking problem. The Town of Bethany chose to build a useless park instead of a parking structure to make our beach more accessible.

Currently, both locals and visitors are forced with a tough choice: Hit the other local beaches with better parking options, get a beach tag or risk a ticket or tow. Neither of those options are beneficial to the businesses in Bethany. Those that are employed in Bethany have to get a lift or ride bikes, as there are so few spots for those who help the town run daily.

The town wants business back with COVID restrictions loosened, but nobody wants to work, as there are ‘help wanted’ signs in more than half of the stores and restaurants. To make matters worse, the crosswalk at Central Avenue on Route 1 for the business employees is non-operational, as we have to play “Frogger” with our own lives before a shift.

The town has a choice to make regarding its lifeblood, or nobody will want to visit or work there.

Jon Fletcher

Ocean View