I called my neighbor this week to check on her. Our conversation has haunted me. She’s always been a strong, smart woman of Christian values who doesn’t suffer fools. So, to know she voted for one is troubling.

Her son suffers from a cruel, debilitating disease, so it’s hard to understand why she supports a president who openly mocks the handicapped and wants to gut healthcare for Americans, including Medicare. Her late husband devoted his life to serving his country, so to support someone who used privilege to avoid the draft, said John McCain wasn’t a hero as a POW, and called military members suckers and losers seems an unforgivable affront to thousands of military families. At political events, he’s asked wounded service members to not be visible. They embarrass him.

We’ve all seen firsthand at the beach over the last decade more and more severe storms and damaging floods. The constant denial and attempts by this administration to roll back laws and protections that address climate change will leave future generations like her grandchildren with a very different world. Coastal communities along the East Coast will be devastated.

Our lives have been on hold this year because of COVID-19. It’s stealing precious time. This pandemic has been largely ignored by Trump as he downplayed the virus, refusing to wear a mask, and offering little help to states in getting necessary medical equipment and PPE.

The senior community, especially those in nursing facilities, like her husband, have paid the highest price. They’ve been denied seeing friends and family. Some don’t understand why. Many die alone. At a senior-care facility where my former boss lives, 43 people died. Yet Trump repeats not to worry about COVID, it only affects the elderly. Apparently, we’re expendable. Most Americans lack the financial means and access to the quality of medical care Trump received after his diagnosis.

My neighbor said she voted for Trump because, as a Catholic, she’s pro-life. As a practicing Catholic, Biden is personally pro-life. His true faith has carried him through times of real grief. He doesn’t use the Bible as a political prop!

She stated Biden never did anything for Delaware. Trump has done a lot for this country, most of it very bad. He’s caused real damage to our democracy by lying constantly, promoting racism, belittling women, bullying adversaries, embracing autocrats and standing by as over 220,000 Americans died. Don’t those lives matter as much as unborn children?

Is it worth putting up with all this to promote a pro-life agenda? To me, it’s too high a price to pay. She’s my friend and neighbor. We want the same things: hope, health and happiness in the days ahead. I’m just sad she put her children’s future on the line to support a man who doesn’t support us or our country.

Marti Lelko

Bethany Beach