I received a letter from an organization opposing windmills off the coast. They complained the tourists would be dissuaded from visiting Delaware resorts by the “altered” view.

I wish to point out there was a liquified natural gas ship anchored off the coast for several weeks last summer (2019). I was curious why it remained in place so long, and identified it via an AIS (ship identification) app on my phone. As I recall, it was about 4 miles off the coast and was certainly more visible than a windmill some 12 or more miles off the coast.

Accidents involving fossil fuels are serious and often long-lasting in their effects, potentially impacting tourism far more drastically than a structure many miles off the coast. We need to encourage more sustainable energy sources to help combat global climate change, rather than taking short-term view.

Perhaps the argument of “my insurance costs are increasing substantially due to an increase of frequency of more damaging storms … far greater than the increased cost of electricity generated by sustainable sources” will resonate with the public and some policymakers. We must reduce the quantity of CO2 released from fossil fuel use.

David Copley

Pasadena, Md.