Two weeks ago, my wife walked into the new Beebe Healthcare emergency department located on Route 17 near Millville, believing she had some symptoms of coronavirus: tightness in her chest and great fatigue. When those symptoms turned out not to be the virus but the result of a heart attack, the Beebe medical team rushed into action to forestall another, perhaps deadly, one.

After an EKG showed blockage in a main artery, she was transported to Beebe Healthcare’s main campus in Lewes and underwent cardiac catheterization to determine the extent of the damage. When that blockage was shown to be 100 percent, she was transported at midnight to another hospital and underwent open-heart surgery the next morning.

This story has a happy ending thanks to the quick diagnosis by the attendings at this recently opened Beebe emergency department. But things could have gone another way, as we have all heard horror stories of similar situations at other facilities where individuals like my wife, who is in her early 60s with no history of heart disease, were told to go home, take two aspirin and call in the morning.

My wife and I want to thank all the medical professionals at Beebe for giving her another lease on life. We also want to let all the all residents around the Millville area know how fortunate they are to now have this emergency facility right in their back yards.

Paul Kastner