While I respect the fact of State Rep. Rich Collins stating his belief(s), regarding Gov. Carney’s decision to delay the economic reopening of Phase III,  I am writing this letter to state my First Amendment

Freedom of Speech.

Yes, I do understand the fact this pandemic has had on the Delaware economy, causing many citizens being unable to work.

However, Gov. Carney is responsible for all of the citizens of this state, whether they voted for him or not.

Unlike the irresponsible actor in the White House, and seems your thinking runs “parallel” to his, including the governors of Florida and Texas, who were in a hurry to “open” their states for business and now these states have large spikes in cases of COVID-19, Gov. Carney is listening to the advice of health officials as to the best course for Delaware.

Mr. Collins, and your colleagues who are "itching" for this state to re-open, need to think of the consequences of moving too soon, then having reverse and close these businesses due to expanded increase of the coronavirus.

Money and business can be replaced; an individual’s health is not replaceable.

Al Liebeskind