I’m sick. Sick of the virus. Sick of the loss, the death. Sick of what it is doing to us. Sick of masks, take-out and social disconnection. I’m sick of cable news, flip-flopping “experts,” the Blue vs. the Grey and the Red vs. the Blue.

I’m sick of seeing governors on television, sick of edicts and sick of patronizing morality plays, “But you’ll die if you don’t do what I say.” I’m sick of church being closed, coffee stops feeling like prepping for open-heart surgery and looking for trees big enough to pee behind, as public bathrooms are closed. Apparently, forever.

I’m sick of China. I’m sick of the CDC. I’m sick of the Corona Taskforce. I’m sick of cable news. I’m sick of small businesses being eviscerated while salaried politicians do nothing. I’m sick of Amazon. I want to shop local again just to avoid having that stupid box with that COVID curve land on my deck. But, thank you, guys and girls who deliver the boxes just the same. You, like so many others whose unsung lives make this all still work a little, are truly heroes. Thank you.

I’m sick of television ads lauding “just stay home” designed to make us feel good when in reality, we’re all sick. Sick of being shut in, sick of celebrities casting themselves as Mother Teresa. I’m sick of COVID models of doom, and I’m already sick of the coming “second wave.”

And today, I received an application for absentee voting with instructions to just check the box “I’m sick” and vote in the Presidential Primary by mail. Really? So we’re no longer getting out the vote but staying in to vote?

I’m sick we’ve ignored the devastating impact this virus has had on the elderly, and I’m sick of politicians passing the buck. I’m sick of green-new-dealers, unmaskers, identity politics, government of any size and no baseball.

Thanks to God… er… Gov. Carney, the beach has opened, but the poor lifeguards are sporting masks. Really? Last week, we couldn’t go near the water, but this week the lifeguards can save me while wearing masks. Yeah… expert advice. I guess.

We’ll probably get through this, but I don’t expect we’ll actually learn much from it all. It was pretty clear no one, experts included, had a clue. We’ll definitely see opportunists “not waste the crisis” to advance an agenda. Pervasive political polarization divides in spite of the homey #staytogether.

We need to learn and internalize the real COVID lesson. Our society is fragile. Better hand-washing techniques don’t cleanse us of the contagions that are splitting us apart as a country. I’m sick of the loss of honest discourse and common sense. We can acknowledge our flaws of the past and present, but we should cherish our extraordinary country and our extraordinary people.

Anyway, being sick of it is better than really being sick. Thank God for that and for this great country and its resourceful people.

Herbie Smith

Ocean View