All Lives Matter. Who couldn't agree with that?

We have memorials to those we lost because their lives mattered. We search the oceans for those lost in plane crashes because their lives mattered. We search for POW's because they gave their lives for freedom and their lives mattered.

Morally, ethically and biblically all lives should matter.

But history shows us otherwise. For generations, we have seen genocide in Germany, Syria, Iraq, Rwanda and Croatia.

In America ,we stole the lands from the Native Americans, we imprisoned the Japanese Americans, we caged the immigrants, and for decades we have allowed racism to create and accept systems to treat Black Americans with less respect than other Americans.

Racism is a global issue or we would not be seeing demonstrations worldwide of how people feel less accepted than other people in their own countries. At this moment in time, our attention is focused on Black Americans. Our conscience should be awakened to our speech and actions about racism. At this moment in our history, I agree: BLM.

Fran Milio