Kudos to the alliance of concerned citizens that asked the question “where are our public officials?” in a recent Coastal Point edition. Aside from just asking the question, the signatories of the letter also identified starting points for halting the epidemic in our county’s midst — uncurtailed development that is currently killing wildlife, waterways and land use, and contributing to climate change.

How did we get where we are today? Take a good hard look at the current proposal by Freeman companies to build a hotel and restaurant in the middle of wetlands along Route 54.

Here’s what Freeman representatives have said in public regarding this proposal.

Freeman is “always cognizant and respectful of the environment... the company has [owns] more than 120 acres of land but only plans to develop 30 or 40 acres there.”

Want to know why? The total preserved wetlands on this site is more than 82 acres. Even with my simple math: 120 minus 82 = 38.

“Our company is making significant investments in the infrastructure... aligning the intersection and ... “installing a traffic signal.”

Want to know why?

Because no one would ever be able to exit the hotel and restaurant onto Route 54 if they didn’t.

One official reviewing this proposal before the upcoming hearing said, “This is such a difficult decision. The wetlands are so critical to our environment, and yet we have so many people who want to come here and we want them to come.”

A more difficult question is must we destroy everything that’s good in our county in order to make that happen?

Linda Schulte