Native Delawareans and visitors here share an appreciation for the beauty of our shores, our fields, the inland bays and the environment in general. There is nothing we dislike more than to see litter all over the highways, in the bushes, along the beaches and even in our back yards.

One of the most ubiquitous offenders is the plastic bag. We’ve been told not to put them in the recycle bins, as they interfere with the machinery at the recovery plant. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone would just stop using them?

We can get along without them. Ever shop at a big box store? They don’t have bags. You just leave your stuff in the store cart, run it out to the car and load up. No bags needed. What’s wrong with that? It certainly doesn’t keep the people away from those places.

Take a reusable bag or two with you into the store. It’s not that hard to pack your own stuff. Lots of people are using the self-checkout machines, and you have to do the packing for yourself there.

I am disappointed that Sen. [Gerald] Hocker voted against the law, but I do agree with him on one point. They should be banned for all stores — no bags, paper or plastic. If you need a bag, bring it into the store and pack it yourself. That’s the way to make the law fair for everyone.

Clem Edgar

Bethany Beach