As we ease into September, this may be too little too late; but, here goes anyway.

As we’ve all noticed, for the past 18 months, the population and traffic in our resort area has increased quite a bit due to COVID. People realize that they can work from home or their second home, or visit and still be functional with their job as long as there is Internet.

Statistically speaking, with more cars on the road, the chance of more accidents is also likely. I’ve noticed, especially this summer, that Delaware license plates are the minority in the traffic I travel each day.

Everyone needs to be more defensive and offensively aware while driving, whether it be a Delaware driver or an out-of-state driver. If you are not from Delaware, please take time to learn the Delaware traffic laws. Here are some things I’ve noticed especially during the busy summer months:

Each day I travel I come to a four-way stop at Woodland and Central Avenue. Another frequent travel of mine is Clubhouse Road and Old Mill Road four-way stop. Delaware law, and I’m sure most other states, say that at a four-way stop, the first person who arrives has the right of way and others go in succession as to when they arrived. This has not been working.

I’ve lost track of how many times I have been at these four-way stops and a car just goes through regardless of order they arrived. I typically just wave my arms up in the air in frustration. What I will say is, in this situation, I haven’t been cheated by a Delaware driver yet. It has been an out-of-state driver each and every time.

Another worry I would like to address is aggressive driving. As I’m driving the speed limit in the right lane almost daily on Coastal Highway, I often have an aggressive driver riding the tail of my bumper. This is so very dangerous, especially due to the pedestrian walkways that cause traffic to stop suddenly all the way down Route 1, Bethany to Fenwick. If these drivers are in such a hurry, stop trying to intimidate the cars in the right lane going the speed limit, and pass.

The last thing I’d like to address are the bicyclers. Although they have every right to navigate the roads as the cars, they too should follow the laws. Our tax money paid for the bicycle lanes. When two bicyclers are riding side-by-side, one is usually in the car lane. Please be safe and ride in single file and stay in the bicycle lane.

Let’s all do our best to follow the Delaware state traffic laws, be respectful and be safe!

Missy Lewis

Ocean View