I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your extended teams for the outstanding leadership and direction you provide to the residents and visitors to Bethany Beach. From major projects like the BB Central Park, the lights along Route 1, and the pending Collins Street expansion, to the ongoing general maintenance, beautiful floral displays and financial foundation of the town. You all are doing a great job and we very much appreciate the hard work, dedication and passion to support our community.

I also want to share special thanks for your thoughtful and well-implemented responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. These are truly unparalleled times that require our community to follow our national and state governmental bodies and to implement this guidance in ways that is in alignment with other Delaware beach communities, while at the same time recognizing that each community has its unique needs and requirements. I think your actions have been well thought-out and have been communicated very effectively.

I fully recognize that this pandemic is causing a lot of suffering, be it physical, mental or financial, or a combination, to individuals and businesses in our community. This almost by definition creates a situation where people or business entities will not like or approve of something due to the changes they are now having to deal with.

While I’m sympathetic to those issues and grievances, I also realize that our governance model is predicated on our elected representatives making the best decisions that they can for the community. I have the utmost trust in your decision-making processes and know you all are doing your absolute best to serve us all. We as a community cannot ask for more than that.

I’m sure the weight that you are carrying, both mentally and physically, on your shoulders this year is especially challenging as we all try to navigate through this pandemic. Please know that we as a community are so thankful and appreciative of your leadership. Just keep doing the best you can, be flexible, and take some time occasionally to pat yourselves on the shoulder for what you are providing to our community.

Mickey Hinman

Bethany Beach