The Pinocchio Byte.

The truth will set you free! It seems that everyone these days is looking for the truth, but they are looking for it on social media and we now know how that has worked out. I propose that we should develop a computer concept called the Pinocchio Byte. This byte would determine the bandwidth access to the internet provider you are using.

Very simply, the more false information that you pass along, either producing it yourself or forwarding other falsehoods, the smaller bandwidth you are provided, until your submissions come to a halt. The details as to where this byte resides (e.g. microcode imbedded on a hardware chip) can be worked out by the computer geniuses.

The bandwidth can be restored at a later time or restored by the operator’s behavior. This byte wouldn’t care how conservative or liberal your political leanings are. It would also resolve the problems that we have discovered with social media!

Richard Giguere