Living in Ocean View, I am also surprised by the fact that we are essentially in a food desert when it comes to fast food options. Why is that?

Every other place I have lived with this many residents at least has a McDonald’s or a Burger King. How about a Popeyes or a Kentucky Fried Chicken? If you are a family here, your options are Hocker’s or a bucket of fried chicken from Royal Farms. Otherwise, you will be spending about $100 for a family of four to eat out.

I know the town is anti-growth with the exception of homes for retirees, but I am pleading for some more food options here. Everywhere I go, I see families struggling to find affordable food options for dine-in and carry-out.

The beach area is out of balance, with an extreme excess of expensive housing for the wealthy and not enough fast food for the working class.

Brandon Lewis

Ocean View