As we embark into another town council election, how do we judge our candidates? We need to move past emotion and rumors, and into gathering facts to determine each candidate’s ability to govern and lead our community.

Here are the questions the candidates need to answer:

  1. What are the candidate’s qualifications and experience that shows they can govern the town, manage our finances, and provide the leadership we require?
  2. What is their view on the offshore wind farm? How will they engage with the developers to represent the town’s views? How will they protect our beaches from viewing these turbines?
  3. What are their plans to reduce our standing rainwater issues and to protect Fenwick from sea and bay water flooding?
  4. Are you for or against continuing outdoor dining, post lifting of COVID emergency measures? If against, given the seasonal nature of the business, what do you say to the restaurant owners about lost revenue and workers about lost jobs?
  5. Under what circumstances should the Town grant variances for commercial and residential development?
  6. What are your plans for supporting development in town, including restaurants, houses, condos, bars and hotels?
  7. What are your plans to provide more transparency into the inner workings of the town government, including board assignments and variance approvals?
  8. What are your plans for improving Fenwick Island infrastructure with sidewalks, bayside dredging, golf cart transportation between restaurants and Fenwick Island homes and hotels, and coastal highway beautification?
  9. How do you unify our divided town?

These questions are critical and should be used as a basis for judging each candidate to determine their ability to lead and govern our great town.

Stu Rubenstein

Fenwick Island