My husband and I purchased lots in Fenwick Island from Madison Gray 50 years ago. We planned to build our home there and retire.

Although we owned a home on 132nd Street, Ocean City, Md., just two blocks from the beach, we rejected buying in Ocean City. It was too noisy (we did like it when we were younger), and condos were being planned and built along the strand, shading the beach, thereby blocking the sun. So we ventured future north, ending up in Fenwick Island.

What a wonderful little town — not anymore. In the years we owned our property, it’s been a continual battle to keep the town “quiet,” keep taxes from escalating to the levels of Ocean City, and keep small mom/pop business from being overrun by big corporate entities.

Every year it seemed we’d be fighting “council” for something they wanted to do that was not in the best interest of the residents and violated town ordinances. Residents know what will happen next — the expanding business interest and the demise of our little “town.”

We felt like it was a losing battle and recently sold our property.

Ginny Hall