Welcome to Constitutional surgery seeking to still a beating political heart. If only Delaware’s senators could wrest political wisdom from the jaws of political “wokeism.” It seems axiomatic that Trump, born in the political crucible of seeking the popular vote, should suffer his fate in the same arena. A Senate conviction affixing to Trump the penalty of never holding office again is a rebuke to common sense. Nevertheless, such an achievement allows all to go happily to bed.

Or can we? Pardon my impudence for interpreting the Constitutional wording of “holding office” but it doesn’t seem to address “running for office” or “being elected to office” (write-in or otherwise). What a mess for our Country in 2022 if Trump is elected to a Senate seat or in 2024 if he is elected President - whatever will our Supreme Court decide with regard to an injunction against his being sworn into such “high office.” Would such a Court dare to repudiate the will of the voters based on the farcical Senate spectacle that awaits?

I urge Senators Carper and Coons to stand down from this charade and let the Biden Administration demonstrate to the American public through its political messaging and governing achievements that Trump’s political ambitions will be extinguished at the ballot box. That’s how to run our Country.

James Angus