Joshua M. Freeman Foundation recently announced a new pavilion and name change from Freeman Stage to Freeman Arts Pavilion. The organization recently acquired the site for the pavilion next to the current stage property. The projected venue to accommodate seating capacity of more than 4,000 patrons.

What does Michelle Freeman desire a “Wolf Trap, Va.” at Bayside? A ridiculous amount of people to assemble in a residential area. Yes, the smaller-scale Freeman Stage located in Bayside has generally been well-received by owners but with the capacity of 4,000 plus patrons will have a negative impact on the community. Noise and traffic entering Bayside, along with potential congested traffic along Routes 54 and 20, will also have an adverse impact on the surrounding residential communities and businesses.

No consideration was given to Bayside owners or allowed any input. Hard to comprehend that the Sussex County Planning & Zoning Commission would approve expansion of this magnitude in a residential community! Don’t residents have a voice during these zoning hearings?

There is nothing wrong with a new “under-cover” seating pavilion, but for the venue to seat 4,000-plus patrons is ludicrous. It all boils down to the almighty dollar. How would Michelle Freeman like to reside in a residential community that includes a 4,000-plus patron pavilion? Doubt she would.

Eugenia Zavodny