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When parents see a chance for a seasonal photo they're going to go for it. And it's a good bet they'll get one or more of the situations above — the screamer, the kid with the hand gesture, the protective big brother, the one who's trying to escape, and the one who's just trying to look cute. This group from Virginia took advantage of a nice fall day and a gorgeous backdrop at the Inland Bays Garden Center's Arts in the Garden festival on Saturday, Oct. 10, to wrangle the kids for a nice picture. We're sure every parent can relate. Shown, from left, are: front row, Noelle Sung, Emma Kwak and Jayden Do; back row, Joelle Sung and Minjoon Kwak.


Compliments to Kerin Magill for her photo on the front page of the Oct. 16 issue. It’s a classic candid that captures a once-in-a-lifetime moment. What an unexpected treasure for those families to cherish for a long time to come! And, to think, it was taken right here in Sussex County!

Kathy Salamone