I completely agree and support Walter Curran’s opinion piece in last week’s Coastal Point.

On top of feeding us their opinions (not news), the mainstream media is also complicit in covering up the news. They don’t cover most of the president’s news conferences. They downplay or ignore the facts that hundreds, many thousands, of businesses have been pillaged since George Floyd’s death, putting many business owners’ future in grave jeopardy.

The mainstream news does not report the dozens of law enforcement officers who have been injured or killed in the line of duty in the past two months. They also don’t do the investigative reporting required to find out the real agenda of Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the Resistance movement secretly led by the past administration.

These organizations are either Marxist or socialist in their agendas, and if you research their leaders you will find this to be true! The people who watch this pap and swallow the lies and half-truths that are passed off as news today will wake up when it is too late and the hard-working, God-fearing people of our great country and their descendants will have to live in a society where the brilliance of our Constitution is laid to waste.

Where are the Martin Luther King Jr.s and John Lewises of this generation who preached chance through peace and love, not violence and hate?

Pete Deeb