For quite some time, a great portion of our society has been concerned about the Earth’s environment.

A pet peeve of mine and others is the amount of litter along our highways and bi-ways. Here in Sussex County, we have more than our share of litter. For example, begin on the stretch of road, Route 54 west, from Route 113 on the way to Delmar. That stretch of road going through the much-wooded, swampy forest is a trash heap, getting more so daily. That area seems to be the place to leave your trash, mattresses, buckets, and whatever else you are too lazy or dumb to properly discard. It is also an area used by hunters, who could be part of the problem, although I am certain they do not make up the majority of people who discard their rubbish.

We in Delaware and the surrounding area could certainly help with cleaning up the environment if only we begin with cleaning up the good Earth first. Begin at the ground up! Might I suggest using those locked away in our jails be called upon to do the job, having seen a few working parties from time to time doing so elsewhere. Additionally, those organizations and good citizens whom speak out on “clean air and earth” might desire to take on this job?

Action talks, [you know what] walks.

Jack Rine

Ocean View