I would like to endorse Russell Evans as a game changer for Bethany Beach Town Council. Russell is running against four incumbents. The status quo organizational leadership style in place now in the Town Council creates an atmosphere where new ways of thinking and ideas are discouraged and out-of-the-box solutions are stifled. In the end, energy is drained, there is a lot of head nodding and rubber stamping becomes the norm.

On the contrary, Russell will bring his new ideas, technological and business savvy and creativity to the town council, all while making naturally wise common-sense decisions. As a team player, Russell will look through a clear lens to help consider smart alternatives.

This will only happen if you vote for Russell for a fresh new voice. His passion for Bethany to remain a Quiet Resort for all to enjoy is vital to his campaign. If you care about getting the job done, then vote for Russell Evans! We need him for the future of our town.

Lee Bunting

Bethany Beach