We know you have been under tremendous pressure lately in regard to the state’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, and we realize you are making your decisions based on the best available knowledge.

We are writing to express our concern about how your orders are affecting church services.

We understand the need to take every reasonable precaution to protect against the spread of the disease. We also know that those who lead the religious congregations in our state are just as concerned about the safety of members of their congregations.

We hope your orders allow the religious institutions to resume services with social distancing recommendations. These institutions should also provide disinfectants for congregants and disinfect surfaces between services.

Our religious institutions are an important part of our lives. Our religious leaders should not fear being arrested for performing services and helping those in the community that are suffering the most due to the virus and the shutdowns.

Again, we understand the burden on your shoulders now and we, and others, are praying for you and other members of the leadership team to make the best decisions.

State Sen. Dave Lawson (R-15th)

State Sen. Bryant Richardson (R-21st)