In Fenwick Island, do we want height limits approaching 40 feet in the commercial district? This is not a “suggestion.” This is a serious proposal from the Ad Hoc Commercial District Planning Committee, after spending more than $15,000 on professional consultants.

Do we want to pay an additional 10 cents per $100 of assessed value in property taxes, a 66 percent tax increase over the next five years? It is in the proposed budget.

Do we want more hotels and motels in Fenwick Island? The moratorium can be lifted by a simple majority vote of council. A member of the Charter & Ordinance Committee would like the town council to review this now that the Fenwick Shores is open.

Do we want a council that continues to silence the voices of so many of its residents and deliberately exclude them from committees?

Do we want even one shuttle in our town, possibly setting the precedent for additional shuttles in and out of Fenwick Island? The Charter & Ordinance Committee has referred this to the town solicitor for review.

Do we want more concessions on our incorporated beach? (How did we get one?)

If the answer to any of these questions is “No,” we must elect new leaders to govern our town.

Vote: Paul Breger, Janice Bortner, Natalie Magdeburger, Jacqueline Napolitano for Fenwick Island Town Council.

Julie Lee

Fenwick Island