I am writing to offer comments on Carol Roy’s letter in last week’s Coastal Point supporting mail-in voting. Ms. Roy starts her defense of mail-in voting by stating that Donald J. Trump, who is against mail-in voting, will actually be mailing in his vote. A nice play on words but far from being truthful! Our president, as will most of our elected officials and our men and women in the armed services, will be voting with absentee ballots. Absentee ballots are quite different from mail-in voting, regardless of what the Democrat Party says!

The Democrats have lost a few very close elections lately and are desperate to avoid another in this important election. Hanging chads come to mind, but I digress. Therefore, they are pushing for an across-the-board mail-in ballot, going all-out for a system that is susceptible to voting improbity’s — yes, fraud! Our current system has many checks and balances at the polls that are, unfortunately, necessary to avoid cheating by either party. These checks and balances have been instituted as a result of chicanery by both political parties. These checks and balances have worked for decades and would be discarded with mail-in voting.

Voting in America is not only a privilege but a duty. A duty that most take seriously while others squander by failing to participate. Post-election reports and polls verify the sadness of this fact by revealing the low turnout in many elections. A sad story of the low esteem many have of their obligations to our country.

The Democrats are again seizing the opportunity to cash in on a crisis to attain another of their desired outcomes. The pandemic that is currently roaring through our country and the world. A pandemic that many consider more political than science, but I digress again, because that discussion is for another time.

And now the Democrat party wants to protect voters from venturing out to vote because of Corona-19 and the need for social distancing. A rather bold farce! The same Democrat Party that saw no problem with protests that so often dissolved into anarchy with the destruction of billions of dollars in property and the loss of many lives! All with no concern for social distancing. Just think of the hypocrisy of these comparable group activities!

I do give the Democrats credit for their cleverness in promoting mail-in voting. Why else would every voter in Delaware, my assumption, be mailed an absentee ballot. Part of the plan? It certainly laid the groundwork for their devious mail-in voting activities.

But there remains a stumbling block! They apparently need a mere $3.6 billion dollars in election funding. That’s billion! A number followed with 12 zeros! That’s $3,600,000,000,000!

What chutzpah! Especially with the state of our economy because of the pandemic.

Hopefully, this absurd idea will die a rapid and, if necessary, painful death!

Thomas M. Keeley III

Ocean View