Now that it is summertime, I’m still picking up trash in our neighborhood. I’m still picking up two trash bags’ worth each week, but nothing is more outrageous than the amount of cigarette butts one can pick up in a small neighborhood like where I live. This week, I lost count when I picked up over 100 butts on my walk. Unfortunately, it’s a near-normal amount thrown on the streets.

It’s getting very dry out there, and the lawns and plants are starting to show it. It only takes one cigarette butt thrown out of a car window or while walking along the street to start something as devastating as a brush fire or worse. I remember a few months ago a townhouse fire that may have been caused by carelessly throwing a cigarette butt into a dry area and causing multiple people to lose their homes. This was less than a mile from our neighborhood in Ocean View.

I would ask those that smoke to please use your car ashtrays. It only takes one lit cigarette butt thrown away to start a fire. Whether you are from Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania or anywhere else, please be respectful of your neighbors and the communities which you enjoy throughout the year.

Randy Conlan

Ocean View