Last week saw a historic vote happen in the state of Delaware! The House Committee of Health and Human Development heard a lot of positions on a cannabis legalization bill, HB150. This bill does more than legalize cannabis in Delaware. It provides a requirement for micro-licensing to small businesses. Being a small business owner myself I am very encouraged that the state provided these regulations in HB150. I am hoping after the committee meeting on March 24, 2021, that these regulations will not be amended.

During the very lengthy meeting we heard many advocates speak about why passing HB150 was a very important step for Delaware. Not only would it bring more access for medicine, it would provide for expungements of certain cannabis offenses. The social justice aspect of HB150 is long overdue to resolve the harms done by prohibition of a safe, non-toxic plant.

As a member of two all-volunteer cannabis advocacy groups, Delaware NORML and Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network, I have seen first-hand the fight that numerous organizations wage against a recreational cannabis bill.

I was absolutely appalled to hear several Compassion Centers speak against the bill! Columbia Care and Fresh are two current medical dispensaries that I and other patients use. Both of these companies expressed concern that they were not being given first priority at recreational licensing. How is this helping the patients that they are meant to serve? Limiting where patients can get medicine is a very monopolizing move and does not encourage me to give them my business.

This bill is very detailed and clearly states a multitude of regulations for the safety of consumers, such as child-proof packaging. I am embarrassed that my elected official, Rep. Richard Collins, did not even read the bill! I myself have given him several pieces of literature on the economic expansion legalization will bring to Delaware. I am hopeful that several legislators will listen to their constituents — and the over 61 percent of Delawareans supporting legislation — and vote “YES for HB150!”

Thank you,

Lizzy Golob


Secretary – Delaware NORML

Volunteer Recruiter – Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network