As former town council members, we ask that you vote for Paul Breger, Janice Bortner, Natalie Magdeburger and Jacque Napolitano in Fenwick Island’s Aug. 7 town council election. Your vote is critical for the future of our quiet little town.

Good government requires elected leaders to listen, communicate and enforce the town’s laws. Bortner, Breger, Magdeburger and Napolitano will do just that. They voiced the feelings of most Fenwick residents during the Shores hotel ABCC hearing, the proposals to increase commercial building height and the ad hoc committee’s multiple drafts of a plan to make Fenwick Island look like Dewey Beach.

When the incumbents announced, “Town Hall is closed to the public,” they were referring to more than the physical structure. Bortner, Breger, Madeburger and Napolitano recognize the public’s right to know and to participate. They will increase public engagement and will not vote on issues until your comments are heard. They will expand resident participation on committees and increase the dialog between council and residents. The limited communications from the incumbents have been inconsistent with their actions on several critical issues.

The incumbents stated that outdoor bars are not permitted in Fenwick. However, the Town sent a letter to the ABCC stating the Town was neutral. They have stated they oppose shuttle buses, but these are being discussed in hand-picked committees. They recently denied Fenwick Island Society of Homeowners (FISH) use of Town Hall for a candidates’ forum that has been held there for as long as anyone can remember, yet the town hall was open the day before. Are these the actions of individuals who want to increase communication with their constituents?

For the past 47 years, our town council has been opposed to outdoor bars. With no public input, the incumbents accepted an outdoor bar. It is reasonable to anticipate that the incumbents will accept recommendations to raise the height limit for all commercial properties. It is clear that the incumbents will support more oversized hotels. Do you want council members who decide on their own which ordinances to enforce and which to change?

Good government requires transparent actions, professional integrity and open public discourse. It has been said that the essence of good government is trust. Ordinances are being ignored and special exceptions are being made behind closed doors. We simply don’t trust the incumbents.

We can trust Bortner, Breger, Magdeburger and Napolitano.

We can trust that these candidates will:

• Preserve the character and charm of Fenwick Island;

• Work to keep Fenwick Island a safe, quiet, family-oriented community;

• Focus on the real issues at hand, such as bayside flooding; and

Not open the floodgates for overdevelopment and overcrowding.

Our town has had a divisive two years because the incumbents have refused to serve you in an open and transparent manner. Let’s permanently remove the words “Town Hall Closed to the Public.” Please vote for Janice Bortner, Paul Breger, Natalie Magdeburger and Jacque Napolitano. The future of Fenwick Island depends on it.

Pete Frederick, Julie Lee, Roy Williams

Fenwick Island