Our town is divided and frustrated, and you bear much of the responsibility. For several years, citizens have voiced concerns about the plans for the new hotel. Everyone wants a nice hotel. There has never been disagreement about that. If you had addressed the issues concerning the hotel from the beginning in a straightforward, open and honest manner, we would not be where we are now.

Respect the residents and property owners in Fenwick Island. Do not dismiss the ideas of those that do not agree with you. Do not unreasonably limit public participation. Do not behave in a condescending or threatening manner. Do not continue to keep certain individuals off of committees and boards.

Respect your fellow council members. The treatment that Council Member Carmean has received from some council members is unprofessional and inexcusable.

Respect the laws and ordinances of this town. If it is on the books, enforce it. Whether it is dogs on the beach during the summer months, outdoor bars with amplified music, or adequate parking spaces for businesses — enforce the rules. Do not look for gray areas or ambiguities. And if they are found, correct them. Do not continue to ignore them or hide behind them.

Julie Lee

Fenwick Island