While I am a new face running for the Fenwick town council, I am not new to the area. I am a second-generation Fenwick Islander and have called Fenwick home since my parents built their home here in 1976. My husband and I bought our own property here 20 years ago, and we became full-time residents in 2020.

I am running for town council in Fenwick because I am troubled by the current council’s leadership: We learned through a Freedom of Information Act request that Town leaders met early with DNREC/Ørsted as “stakeholders” of the project to introduce a wind turbine transmission station in our wetlands without disclosing the meeting to the public.

The same council members failed to enforce our ordinances prohibiting outdoor bars when a local hotel sought permission from the ABC Commission to have one, forcing residents to oppose the request on their own.

Now, the hand-selected Ad Hoc Commercial Development and Charter & Ordinance Committee members hired an architect, at taxpayers’ expense, that created a plan which “re-envisions” a commercial district in Fenwick that encourages three-story buildings (parking underneath on first level) and increases the building height in the commercial district to at least 37.5 feet.

In addition, the Charter & Ordinance Committee is considering lifting the shuttle service ordinance and allowing shuttles on our streets, providing a gateway for the Route 54 communities to gain greater access to our beaches.

Our police officers remain among the lowest-paid professionals within the coastal communities, and our bayside streets are flooding from stormwater runoff due to lack of drain-pipe maintenance and focused engineering assessment.

The lack of transparency, committee packing and town council-imposed restrictions on public participation has created a divisiveness in the town which requires immediate repair.

Our Quiet Resort is in trouble, and if we do not act during this election cycle, our family- friendly community and uncrowded beaches may soon disappear. We need a change in leadership and focus.

If elected, I pledge to volunteer my 35 years of legal experience to:

  • Enforce the town ordinances;
  • Protect the residential character of the town;
  • Protect the beach and bay environment;
  • Maintain the safety and health of our community;
  • Fund the police department to ensure professional protection;
  • Ensure transparency of town council activities;
  • Treat all residents with respect;
  • Seek and embrace the views and volunteerism of all residents.

For more information about my positions, my experience and commitment to addressing the issues threatening Fenwick, please go to: www.votetoprotectfenwick.com.

Natalie Magdeburger

Fenwick Island