Now that the Fenwick Board of Elections has formalized the candidate list for the Aug. 7, 2021, elections, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those who want to know why I am a candidate.

As a homeowner in the town since 2008, I am running because I am concerned about the direction taken by the current town council that emphasizes commercial development at the expense of the Quiet Resort environment of the town. To be more explicit, carefully selected committees, along with town officials, have been reviewing proposals to increase the commercial building height, allow shuttle services and encourage outdoor entertainment structures.

These discussions are ongoing, despite my recent involvement in organizing a successful grassroots opposition to a proposed hotel outdoor bar that violated our ordinances. While the council will probably not vote on any recommendations until after the election, residents need to be wary about the road now being traveled by this council.

I am also opposed to the lack of transparency by a group of town officials who make decisions without observing existing ordinances, who place limitations on public participation, and who disparage those with opposing points of view. Residents seeking to be involved in the Town activities have also been denied a place on current committees that appear to be open only to the same people who serve on multiple committees. The group dynamics of the committee selection process are obvious, and it is probably safe to conclude that the outcomes are already predetermined.

So what can I offer? I believe in protecting the Quiet Resort atmosphere in Fenwick: If elected, I promise to enforce ordinances, balance the relationship between the commercial and residential areas, budget responsibly, address and prioritize the community’s needs, especially with bayside flooding issues. But, above all, I promise to listen to the public and treat people with respect. For more info, go to the website www.votetoprotectfenwick.com.

You can count on me to represent everyone fairly!

Jacque Napolitano

Fenwick Island