Regardless the election and your opinion as to its validity, Trump’s words and action or lack of actions, are the clearest evidence that he needs to be removed from office before he does more harm to our citizens and institutions.

Encourage the Cabinet and Vice-President to invoke the 25th Amendment, and you should support it with your vote. Fulfill your oath. Trump has failed to fulfill his.

I am not one of the people he “loves.” I am a 39-year law-enforcement veteran, former SWAT operator and chief of police in two agencies before retiring to River Run.

Watching yesterday’s events was wrenching and disheartening.

Do the right thing.

P.S. — Now that I’ve learned of your actions early this morning on the floor in our Capitol, let me amend my email to ask that you resign your position. You’ve “forgotten your father’s face.”

I’m a lifelong Republican and embarrassed to admit it.

Don Bowers

Berlin, Md.