Although our community finds itself living in dark times, there are folks who refuse to see the darkness but choose rather to see the goodness that they can do in this world.

Lili Oller of Water Lili’s in Bethany Beach and Ocean View is a member of Coastal Gardeners. Each holiday season, we put together gift bags for senior citizens in the area. This year, we focused on the folks in Roxana who receive Meals on Wheels. To our surprise, there are 125 of them!

This number struck a chord in Lil’s heart, and she immediately got to work. She placed a large ad in the Coastal Point asking her customers to bring in donations, and even offered prizes for those folks who answered the call. When the donations were not enough, Lili began to purchase things herself: gloves, scarves, coloring books, colored pencils, cookies, personal toiletry items… and the list goes on.

Lili is a small-business owner and feeling the pain of the COVID restrictions that have been placed on all of us. Her generosity and giving spirit are an inspiration for all of us.

The Coastal Gardeners’ “Operation Cheer” will now bring an abundance of joy to seniors in our area. It is our hope that those of us in community who depend on the donations of local small businesses remember that in these times we need to support local businesses like Water Lili’s, as they never hesitate to reach into their pockets and support us!

Sandy Daniels, Community Projects Chairman

Coastal Gardeners