On Dec. 11, Delaware reported:

• 789 new COVID-19 cases — an increase of 64 percent over the previous two weeks.

• 363 Delaware hospital rooms in use with COVID-19 patients — an increase of 94 percent over the previous two weeks.

In his Dec. 11 newsletter, Sen. Bryant Richardson (R-21st) said he prefers meeting in Legislative Hall when the General Assembly convenes in January, “even if we have to wear masks the entire time. If we do, I will be looking for a mask that doesn’t cause my nose to itch and one in which I can breathe properly. Perhaps the vaccine will be available before then and we can unmask.”

Sen. Richardson is concerned his family won’t be able to see him sworn in.

“This is a special time when in the past family members and campaign supporters would crowd into the chamber for the ceremonies. That may be taboo this year, with or without the availability of the vaccine.”

Sen. Richardson’s message is dangerous and irresponsible. While he is concerned about an itchy nose and an empty Senate chamber, Delawareans are being intubated and dying alone.

There is no cure for COVID-19. The vaccines will save the lives of those infected by preventing serious illness. Scientists don’t know if these vaccines will prevent the vaccinated person from spreading the virus. What they do know is the wearing of masks will save lives by stopping the spread of COVID-19.

So wear the damn mask, Sen. Richardson.

Joanne Cabry

Rehoboth Beach