I must complain about the parking scenario I encountered last week at Wellington Parkway. I just had to cough up $35 for a parking ticket, which didn’t include the $5.02 that I paid for the two hours of parking that was requested by the sandwich-board sign that said it was OK to park there.

Our five days at the beach includes spending quite a bit of money at the shops, restaurants and other establishments in the area, only to have the Town’s hand out again.

I realize that the COVID-19 virus has really put the screws to beachside communities such as yours, but putting up official signs counter-indicating where to park and what to pay, just so the coffers aren’t empty, shouldn’t fall on out-of-towners not familiar with local ordinances.

I can only think of the movies from the ’60s when the sheriff pulls somebody over and says, “You’ll ain’t from around here... is you?” There are plenty of other places that I am sure are more friendly to tourists with money...

Eric McGrosky

Clinton, Pa.