I would like to correct some misinformation which has been published in your letters section twice recently. I am referring to two statements that Bethany Beach’s Central Park is useless.

We have an unobstructed view straight across the park from the corner all-windows room in our house, where we spend most of our waking hours. Unlike other parks I have observed, there is almost always someone using Central Park, in all seasons. We have watched countless walkers, runners, bikers, players of football, rugby, Frisbee, baseball, soccer and more. I have not seen any pogo sticks yet, but would not be surprised.

Central Park draws young and old adults, teens, children, dogs and occasionally eagles. It is flexible and allows for all kinds of activities. It’s green, inviting, a treat for the eyes, and extremely useful.

Thanks to the Bethany Beach Town Council for this marvelous resource. They provided just enough structure and formal design to create an attractive and very, very useful space.

John Savage

Bethany Beach