I am endorsing Rosemary Hardiman in the upcoming Bethany Beach Town Council election. This is my third letter of endorsement for Rosemary because I believe she has done an excellent job in her position on town council and as vice-mayor. In the spirit of full disclosure, I feel fortunate to consider Rosemary a dear personal friend.

Rosemary has proven herself to be a very effective council member; during this unprecedented COVID crisis, she continues to do so. On every issue, she works diligently to gather all information surrounding the topic and personally ensure that she has an understanding of all sides without bias. During the current COVID crisis, Mrs. Hardiman continues to employ her desire for accuracy and fairness addressing the concerns of residents, businesses and visitors.

My husband and I walk from our home in Bethany to the downtown area every day, weather permitting, and on several of our walks we have run into Rosemary checking the available parking on Atlantic and Pennsylvania Avenues and the beach parking lots. Rosemary is spending and has spent countless hours monitoring the beach for crowding and surveying the parking areas in her approach to address the concerns of all parties so that she has the information necessary to make the best decisions possible for the health and safety of the entire community.

Rosemary takes this information to the entire council to assist informed decision-making. It is this diligence, hard work, respect and care for all members of the community that represents who Rosemary is and what she brings to Bethany Beach Town Council.

In addition to her dedication to the Town of Bethany Beach and the work she does for the council, Rosemary extends herself and her strong work ethic to the community at large. Rosemary is a member of the Delaware League of Local Governments (Legislative Advocacy Committee); spent six years on the Sussex County Library Advisory Board; and served on the Friends of South Coastal Library Board.

Rosemary’s experience has given her the opportunity to work on issues on both county and state levels, and gives a broader context to her work for the community as a Bethany Town Council member. In addition, Rosemary assists her community at the following: the Bethany Beach Farmers’ Market, St. Ann’s Church and VFW Post 7234.

My final thoughts have not changed from two years ago, so I reiterate them here. I believe Rosemary’s most valuable quality for the role of council person is that she truly cares about others, especially those in the community she represents. She immerses herself in her community through her council work and involvement in community organizations and initiatives.

At this very difficult time, Rosemary has the empathy and understanding to listen and hear all voices and work to reach a compromise that will bring the greatest benefit to the community and its citizens, realizing that give and take are paramount. She will continue to represent the town well because she cares deeply for the community of Bethany Beach and the character of the town that has drawn all of us here as residents.

Rosemary Hardiman’s intelligence and competency are without question; her honesty and work ethic are exceptional; and her capacity to actively listen and respond to all members of the community is a valuable and essential tool; and all are the ingredients of an excellent and effective Bethany Beach Town Council member. Check Rosemary’s website www.hardiman4bethany.com for more information regarding her views and experience.

I also would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the town manager and the entire Bethany Beach Town Council for the excellent work and decisions they have made during this very difficult and unsure period for the benefit of the health and safety of the entire community. Well done!

Theo Loppatto

Bethany Beach