I’d like to respond to Mr. Thomas Maly’s letter to the editor on Oct 1.

Mr. Maly wrote, “In a report in the Sept. 25 issue, Millville officials react to Ocean View inquiry on police ‘investment.’ Mr. Karl Beers, who stated he served as a police officer in Baltimore, responded at an open council workshop meeting in Millville, ‘Don’t let them blow smoke up your leg.’ His comment is surely not a professional response to this issue and is not indicative of one that would have been given by any of the other brave members of the Baltimore Police Department. I urge Mr. Beers to choose his words with more thought next time, instead of a kneejerk reaction.” — Thomas Maly.

Thank you, Mr. Maly, for your comments. It’s true. I momentarily forgot a central truth that every police officer learns sooner or later. Be careful what you say when the “media” is present. Unfortunately, you were not in attendance to hear the whole of my message. The Coastal Point staff reporter, Kerin Magill, did what the media often does, and grossly distorted my message by leaving everything of substance out, except for those poorly chosen words.

I guess we’re both out of practice when it comes to talking in front of the media or taking what is written by the media at face value. I’ll do better next time, and I hope you will as well.

Karl Beers