We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for a successful Third Annual Golf Tournament which was held on Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021, to honor the first-responders of the Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company. We had a beautiful day at the Salt Pond Golf Club.

We were able to raise over $10,000 — the largest total ever raised in any of our Auxiliary event.

We would like to thank our many friends, local businesses, golf clubs, restaurants and many more that are listed below for their generosity and commitment. We also would like to recognize all of the members of the Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company for their continual support to make our community safe at a place we call home.

Our thanks to Comfort 360 and Kimmel Carter, Shirley Price, Hickman Realty, John Kleinstuber, Bethany Beach Beverage Company, Fenwick Hardware, Town of Bethany Beach, Evans Insurance, Ron Gray, Wilgus, Salt Pond HOA, Salt Pond Women’s Group, 3 Blond Bakers, Salty Paw’s, Core 24, Rosenfeld’s, Bethany Area Realty, Fins, College Placement Consulting, Wawa, Giant, Weis, Food Lion, G&E, Harris Teeter, VFW 7234, Salted Rim restaurant, Taste of Italy, Jon Wharton, Sea Shell City, Addy Sea, Bayside Golf, Gallery One, Bethany Message, The Cut Above, Cripple Creek Country Club, Bethany Beach Goods & Rental, Bethany Bay, Baywood Greens Country Club, Mango’s, Good Earth, The Peninsula, Anita Ferm, Bethany Blues, Patti’s Hallmark, Mary F. Berger, Ocean City Golf Club, Barbara Hager, Rhodes 5 & 10, Blue Room Gallery, Eclectic, Maxim Nails, Armand’s, Summer Salt’s, Off the Hook, Lobster Shanty, Cedar Land & Sea, DiFebo’s, SoDel, Ba Roos Ice Cream, DB’s Seaford, Big Fish/Rosenfeld’s, Cottage Café, Salt Provisions, Diva Nails, Japanesque, Juice Box, Sea Level, Mr. White, Bear Trap Dunes Golf Club and Salt Pond Golf Club.

We could not have done what we did without the help of the Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company Auxiliary. Jason Feather from the Coastal Point once again wrote two wonderful articles previous to the event to give us a much-needed head start.

One of members of our Auxiliary, Pat Resnick, has written a prayer to remember that most dreaded day, 20 years ago. We would like to share it with you.

A Prayer for Our Fire Fighters
Dear Lord,
Twenty years ago today, our lives
changed forever. It was a beautiful Fall day
much like today and we were all going
about our plans for the day. Suddenly, the
videos and news screamed across our
televisions and radios. At 8:46 AM, AA Flt. #11 hit the
North Tower of the World Trade Center. Just a few moments
later, the South Tower was hit and the word “Terrorist” started
to be mumbled through the crowds. At 9:37 AM, AA Flt. #77
crashed into the Pentagon. 9:59 AM the South Tower
collapsed. 10:03 AM UA Flt. #93, crashed after a struggle
onboard wit the hijackers in Shanksville, PA. 10:28 AM, the
North Tower collapsed. At 5:20 PM, World Trade Center Bldg.
#7 also collapsed.
We were petrified. What was coming next? What should
we do? Where are our loved ones? Glued to our television
sets and cell phones, the next few days were filled with sorrow
and pain and horror. Our world was changed.
But once again, out of the darkness, rose our First
Responders. They came running in through the smoke and
rubble, carrying and wearing equipment that was way too hot
and much too heavy, as they ran up flights of stairs and dug
out people screaming for help. Sometimes, it was the silence
that was the most frightening. The phone call that was never
returned, the scream that was never heard, the silent tears that
rolled down our faces...
But America showed what we are made of. We joined
together. People came from all over to help. Women and men
made coffee and sandwiches, Religions of all denominations
knelt in prayer, doctors and nurses worked way past
exhaustion as our Firefighters buried their own worries and
weariness and stayed there until there was finally nothing else
to do but weep.
That is what we celebrate today. Of course, we mourn
those that we have lost in an instant and others that later died
of related injuries and sickness. But Today, we celebrate the
Bravery and Strength and Fortitude that our First Responders
give us not just today, but their gift of time every day of the
year, every year.
As we ponder the similarities of 9/11/2001 and today,
we are still fighting evil. We still wonder if this time, evil might
win. But, one thing that we are absolutely sure of, that those
brave men and women that risked their lives then have raised
a new generation of Americans, still brave, still compassionate
and still willing to risk everything for our values. American
Dear Lord, we ask your blessing today. Keep us all safe.
Keep us all strong as we struggle through not just today but
our futures, let us remember the sacrifices that so many gave
for us. And let us honor their lives by giving back in ours.
Thank you to all of you who have given so much to make
this day possible and especially to those that come running to
us when we need help. It’s through your generosity that we can
equip them with the tools that they need to help us.

Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company Auxiliary