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A listing of open houses available throughout our resort area, compliments of our local Real Estate professionals.

The latest “progress” we are told is essential to the Fenwick Island landscape is a hotel with a restaurant and amenities on the Bennett property at Lighthouse Road and Bennett Avenue. We vehemently disagree with approval of a hotel, restaurant, amenities and any new houses at or near this l…

I would like to correct some misinformation which has been published in your letters section twice recently. I am referring to two statements that Bethany Beach’s Central Park is useless.

I have been a Fenwick Island resident for 10 years. Over the last few years, especially after the approval of the hotel, there has been a lot of noise around issues in the town. A few residents posted signs about outdoor bars and more recently, signs with a variety of other issues. Others, like me, love it here and can’t imagine where this anger is coming from.