My name is Meghan Kelly, Esq. I am a candidate for the House of Representatives in the Nov. 6 race in the 38th District. I am running, in part, because I have a desire to draft laws to create better health care for Delawareans, and I want to persuade the federal legislators to draft specific legislation to reduce the price of care instead of eliminating care to those who need it most by rendering it unaffordable.

I am uniquely qualified to propose solutions in this area as an attorney who studied the history of medicine at University of Delaware, and health care finance and health care law at Duquesne School of Law School. I even received a small scholarship for healthcare law.

So, I thank you for your kind consideration, as I truly care about serving the people in the community I grew up in, and love and protecting their life and health.

This week, I will write about improving health care concerning the state of Delaware. Next week, I will submit a suggestion to our federal legislators regarding making health care more affordable. Instead of reducing the amount of care, I respectfully urge our federal legislators to reduce the price of care. Only they have the power to do so, I will not.

In Delaware, I specifically want to draft legislation to improve the quality of health care, instead of merely getting massive bad care. Funding is more easily received when health care entities and professionals are researching cutting-edge techniques, which is dangerous for patients since they are still working out the kinks.

Think of the National Institute of the Health (NIH), charities who accept funding from the army and NIH, and private research or health care entities who make money on analysis. So they can use patient's records to sell alleged health care miracles in bulk, based on data. Part of the HIPPA waiver we sign at each doctor's visit allows our information to be used in this scientific research. So, patients may be lawfully used as lab rats.

I want to draft legislation to prevent the abuses we have seen by doctors like Dr. Earl Bradley, who allegedly molested hundreds of children; repeal the involuntary sterilization statute; and make it easier to prevent doctor and health care abuse of patients for a buck...

I want to prevent doctors from prescribing addictive drugs under the facade of benefiting the patient, but in truth to benefit their own pockets, to keep patients coming back for prescriptions for their addiction, not for good health.

I want to stop doctors like the local Delaware doctor who used cutting-edge treatments, hip replacements, on people, including my father. He said everything was fine for years, despite readily available information to the contrary, to cover his own back, instead of serving the patients like my father, the legendary retired teacher, lifeguard and coach Pat Kelly of Indian River High School.

No care is better than bad care. Thus, I desire to create legislation to ensure our health care providers are taking care of the patients, not taking advantage of the patients for profit. Our laws serve money — not people, not patients.

I want to create laws that penalize health care professionals for drugging the elderly at the elderly homes to make them easier to tend, like vegetables. We need to value and respect our elderly, (not keep them in an institution for our convenience). These institutions should be developed to serve and respect the elderly, not take advantage of them for a profit.

Now is the time to value human life and health more than money. Now is the time to hold health care professionals accountable for their bad choices to harm instead of heal patients.

I desire to repeal the involuntary Sterilization statute in Delaware under Title 16, Chapter 57 of the Delaware Code. There is too much incentive to sterilize people to use their stem cells for profit and research, instead of alleged need. Besides, the fact is sterilization is barbaric and arguably violates Delawareans' right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, despite the United States Supreme Court decision in Buck v Bell, 274 US 200 (1927).

I desire to amend the medical malpractice act. It is very difficult to correct doctors under this act. In Delaware, a patient has two years from the date of the medical provider's misconduct, if a patient is younger than 6, until the patient's sixth birthday. The time may be extended in limited circumstances — for instance, if a doctor left a foreign object in a patient's body.

In addition to the short statute of limitations, in Delaware, you also need to get another health care professional to give an expert opinion concerning the malpractice of the medical provider. This is very tough to get because doctors do not want to give an opinion against a peer when they know they are capable of mistakes or a sloppy job, too.

The requirements of the expert opinion are also hard to meet. So, a lot of lawsuits are kicked out for failure to adhere to the requirements. For instance, if an expert says the doctor's act was a substantial factor in causing the harm, the opinion will get kicked out. In Delaware, the expert must state the “but for” the doctor's conduct the harm would not have occurred.

Overall, if a doctor messes up on you, you most likely will be out of luck. The longer you wait to pursue legal relief, the tougher it will be for the attorney to find an expert required to have a case.

It is important to correct doctors, as the treatment they provide may harm other people for life or kill them. Since it's so difficult to sue, it's hard to prevent further harm by showing how certain treatments make people worse off. That's why we must amend the medical malpractice act in Delaware. We must prevent further patient harm and deaths.

By electing me you will be electing a candidate that will fight for your life and health. You are priceless — more valuable than all the money in the world. By electing me, you will be electing someone who serves people, not greed.

By Meghan Kelly, Esq.

Candidate, Delaware House 

of Representatives, 38th District

Technical Director

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